Meeow and the little chairs

This is a childrens’ book that wowed me from the shelf. I encountered it entirely accidentally as I was not shopping for childrens’ books. It simply towered over the other books aesthetically and commanded my attention. It was differentiated by its radiant cover. It’s a hardback with a sufficiently tactile dustcover—the word “Meeow” and the cat are in rich black velvet that you can’t resist rubbing, and the colors worn by the cat resemble saturated oil color in their brilliance. The effect is a stunningly brilliant cover and visual feat squarely setting it apart. I stopped cold and read it and was impressed. By my taste, it is delicate, imaginative, geometrically correct and right-sized and joyfully written. By Frenchman Sebastien Braun, I consider it quite well done.

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  1. Julia said:

    Oh, I just have to get this one for Julianne! We have been reading some of the good old fashioned “Little Miss” books like “How Miss Giggles Lost Her Giggle.” I’m always looking for good children’s books!

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