Contagiri Alpha Romeo watch

I’ve admired these since their ultra limited production commenced. Having worked for the dominant industrial grade high horsepower engine firm, my appreciation for this Italian watch design comes easily.

The face of the Contagiri watch is modeled after an RPMs guage. It features one hour hand which after the twelfth hour retrogrades after its traverse of a 270° arc, effectively reversing in position like a sudden drop in RPMs; and a red floating counter that circulates. The twelfth hour is in the red zone.

“The watch does not use a crown to wind the watch or to set the time. The watch has a lever similar to a “gear shift” and through the lunette of the watch you can carry out the functions usually done through the crown. In the triangular aperture the four-leaf clover marks the position of the gear with number 1 indicating the position to wind the watch, and number 2 indicating the position to set the time.”

It is exceedingly excellent Florentine craftsmanship as usual—from designer and Alpha Romeo racer, Giuliano Mazzuoli.

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