on digg: “50 Cent: Piracy Is A Part Of The Marketing”

Screenshot: Continuing with this theme from the previous post, and from my earlier one, this interview is another example of unorthodox business thinkers and their revolutionizing of business—notably here marketing—through a portfolio of competencies.

Legitimate controversy surrounding the artist 50 Cent notwithstanding, this CNBC interview captures complexity in the entertainer, including a compelling business acumen that led to his successful $100 million net return from his Vitamin Water investment, a line later acquired by the Coca-Cola company.  He reveals sophistication around the marketing implications of evolving technology in music and entertainment. His saavy is also captured in his own personal brand evolution—he’s suited, thoughtfully addressing university audiences, and talking stocks on a power lunch.

Had the CNBC interviewer-to-interviewee commentary ratio been lower, even greater insight into 50 Cent’s business acumen would likely have been gleaned—his brand awareness, his eye for markets and his timing sense. The interview generated key surprise on digg.  “Fiddy’s” new book is The Fiftieth Law, and was co-written with best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene.


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