new disease among HIV-infected gay men

Screenshot: A Taiwanese researcher has received a doctorate from the University of Antwerp and the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp for scientifically linking episodes of the rare disease Amebiasis, an infection with the single-celled amoeba Entamoebia histolytica, with incidents of male homosexual (oral-anal) contact. An earlier association was discussed as far back as 1979.

A rare parasitic disease, which normally only is transmitted by contaminated water, has been shown to be transmitted by gay sex between hiv-positive men. In the industrial world the disease is virtually absent, but that could change.

Compelling about the methodology is how researcher Chieng-Ching Hung was not only able to isolate the amoeba as a culprit in illness, but able to show genetically how closely related different amoebas from disparately located indviduals were, thus implicating the genetic dispersement of the parasite as a subfeature of some essential social or behavioral link between the infected.

Globally, amebiasis is said to take some 70,000 lives annually.


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