health and fitness: belly dancing

I’ve worked out since forever. It’s a personal joy. I’ve always worked out hard since I don’t feel it otherwise. Despite my slender size I rarely see females lifting the weight that I lift which makes me think I’m naturally on the stronger side and am enduring workouts that are truly robust. I always end my workouts with a heavenly stint in the sauna at as close to 200 degrees F as possible.

Out of nowhere I’ve discovered a fine amendment to my workout constitution: belly dancing. I never would have considered this but thanks to the unparalleled streamer in the television and to the Discovery Channel’s Fit TV, I think I’m hooked. Belly dancing doesn’t require a partner, is thoroughly demanding physically, is creative, and it relates you very differently to your own physicality than does any weight movement or running. I think it’s great. It’s highly pelvis oriented—which hometown friend, fashion designer and photographer Martin Cooper of the [non-worksafe caution advised] Pelvis series would appreciate—it’s resplendently girly and beautifully meditative. I’m delighted to have discovered it as a workout option. I’m learning to do the basic Egyptian step, hip circles and the Turkish figure-eight. I can’t believe I’ve just discovered something that feels so correct. It’s an excellent start to the new year.


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