retirement is overrated


It is. In general, I think working—barring extreme risks or health impairing taxation—is healthy. Stress, like that induced from meeting a daily schedule, punching a clock, showing up, getting in and out of traffic, greeting and interacting with people and negotiating relationships—all of it calls upon your faculties and senses in a way that is stimulatory and life enhancing.

I see it in my elderly relatives.  Those in their 80’s who still work are perfectly engaged.  They’re a part of things. Those who are not aren’t.  When life doesn’t demand that you delineate time and attention, it’s a challenge to do anything constructive with either. During a discussion about a classic car I wanted that had been sitting, a mechanic said correctly, “Cars want to be driven.” A sitting car is in worse shape than a driven one.  Same for minds. People are their minds.  They want to be engaged, useful and a part of something. In so many ways, simple routinized work offers just that.


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