Americans Using TV and Internet Together 35% More Than A Year Ago

According to a Nielsen study Americans are increasingly using the internet and TV together. I frequently do this with a strategically muted TV. Unless the increase is some pre cursor to full stoppage of use of the TV by those same viewers, it means television is not obsolete. As bad a legitimate beating as television has taken—and I’ve done my portion of the hitting—I think it has its place. Television programming is a way of outsourcing some personal scheduling that’s frankly fine to outsource.

Watching Charlie Rose late at night is the only time to watch it. Charlie is pipe smoke. Cigar. Slippers. It needs to be quiet. Post everything. And in the dark. The imprint factor of that show couldn’t identically happen during morning biorhythms.

Nothing is a greater nightmare than trying to follow a tennis tournament via anything besides a television. I need a signal originating courtside feeding back to me at the speed of light. Thank you.

I know people without televisions who miss quality real time programming and information streams that others enjoy. And they likely enjoy other experiences that the TV-owning miss.

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