key customers, thought leaders, and marketing savvy from Nicki Minaj

Screenshot: “If a gay guy impersonates you, you are a bad bitch. Period.”–Nicki Minaj


This isn’t just mouthy rapper speak. It’s a sophisticated marketing comment from the 25 year-old female raptress. She’s on the current cover of OUT magazine.

While part of a team that successfully pitched a marketing campaign to Serino Coyne–the premium NY advertising agency for Broadway musicals (Cats, Dreamgirls, Les Miserables, The Lion King, Annie Get Your Gun, The Producers, Hairspray, etc.)–I learned this from partner Rick Ellis: musicals and campaigns approved by gay males are hits. It was a key metric. If they voted “no” you needed to be worried.

Minaj’s comment is a blunt, Hip-Hop app of Rick’s wisdom. Gay males have certain thought and creative leadership intuition across entertainment and Minaj understands it, is bubble bath comfortable in it, and in real deviation from her genre’s culture, calls it out. Her choice to do OUT’s cover was hers alone she says, and a smart and due thank you to her gay and particularly gay male fan base. And all before her fall album drops. I don’t remember an artist who was out-shining established artists on whose tracks she contributes only seconds of lyrics and whose album was more anticipated and buzzed up than hers appears now.  Well done.


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