“Lost Generation” teen entrepreneur party planner, Ricky Smith

Screenshot: Love this: Through a Facebook page called “Lost Generation“, 15 year-old entrepreneur Ricky Smith is solving a problem: he’s planning drug, alcohol and cigarette free parties around New York City for teens. And making some serious money to boot–as much as $15,000 per gig. His customers are the parents with whom he invests in communicative relationships and his patrons are his marketers. Smart.

With the clarity of a Chief Executive, Smith stated:

“My goal was to monopolize the teen party business in New York City.”

Each year, my mom hosts a party at her home for about 120 of her friends that’s 100% alcohol free. It’s really cool. Large group sobriety in American leisure society is actually fairly rare, and can be rivetingly interesting. More adults should try it.


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