Men: the “new ball and chain”?

Well, yes, say some college women according to Hanna Rosin in her TED talk on The Rise of Women.

It’s a talk on jobs, earnings, professional competencies, the changed workforce per gender and changing “gender premiums”. True enough, many females in my social circle and family have earned more advanced degrees and earn more money than their male spouses. Hanna Rosin’s data in this regard is historic and interestingly ahead of much popular culture which she rightly cites as mirroring some of the change. It’s particularly true for minority women where pop culture is a lagging indicator: Rosin’s statistics have long been observable there, but not alongside any cultural imprint at an iconic level. Culturally, many minority women exhibit grades of deference across the gender line even while financially and otherwise heading their households.

Those with rebuttals to Rosin like, “This data means we shouldn’t need Lilly Ledbetter legislation and glass ceilings don’t exist”, should note that (1) such legislation was about pay parity within jobs, i.e., per the control for jobs–a clear Civil Rights issue–but in Rosin’s cited data, the issue is whole ilks of professions and credentialing being more aggressively accessed by women; and (2) barriers to entry in medicine or law or accounting amount to passing tests–something fully within a woman’s individual intellectual capacity and control, whereas being named CEO turns on authority residing with a board external to any personal strategy.


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