high salaried law professor tells law graduates coveting big-money jobs to “get over it”

In a commencement address, the ABA Journal reports that Emory University law professor Sara Stadler told law graduates coveting big-money jobs to “Get over it.”

That this professor or Emory University Law School itself would correspondingly “get over” any decline in the legal market for law graduates and not sunnily market as usual programs lacking real placement statistics to support repaying exorbitant tuition indebtedness born by so many graduates, is less clear. That law career services would “get over” using big-law jobs and salaries as prime bait in their advertised placement metrics for prospective applicants isn’t clear either.

Deserving focus is the role the ABA and these very programs had in producing such supply excesses that leave many newly minted J.D.s in the job and competitive compensation lurch.  Stadler herself stated, “I’m sure Emory has failed you in some way”, saying how she wished she could change this. Presumably she and the university partly could. Via loan forgiveness. Graduates seem ill advised to plan on such change, however.

Here are some excellent comments to the article:


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