Domestic Violence Awareness Month: a survivor businesswoman remembered

This being day 1 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), I can’t help but think of late family friend, business woman and domestic violence survivor, Elizabeth Hill.

Elizabeth was among the most distinguished women I’ve ever known in or out of business for her MGM-grade life story of epic entrepreneurism, wealth, beauty, and at her spouse’s hand, brutality and all alongside a profound individualism. She was a natural born deal maker.

She went through a lot early, and while battered and covered in her own blood finally killed her abusive husband in self-defense on the front steps, never moving from their home where he died for the next 57 years. Her circle was small. But her self-image and objectives were big. Her business endeavors were noteworthy for anyone of her generation. Nothing about her was normal or average.  No pun is intended in correctly saying she was a business woman in keeping with this blog, literally off the beaten path.

Talking to her, I often wanted to record her given the uniqueness of her journey and innate business wisdom, saying once, “There should be a book.” Always transfixed I never did. And there was so much. In a way I’ve not exactly seen elsewhere personally, she was a woman born and evolved beyond templates who was completely comfortable not simply with business but with due personal power. She apologized for none of it and was not even slightly boastful. Her characteristic calm defied the turmoil she had known. Never didactical, she could still teach an enormity to women about life, individualism, and business by her example.   She taught me.


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