Nobel Prize shotcall: my prediction for Physiology or Medicine

Screenshot: Early in the morning somebody will get a call from a man named Staffan Normack with a Swedish accent and their life will forever change. Nobel Prizes will be announced this week beginning in the morning. My prediction for the prize in Physiology or Medicine is that awardees will be Adrian Bird, Howard Cedar and Aharon Razin for their DNA-methylation discoveries in epigenetics. This is the most important biochemical research in my judgment since the DNA structure work and implied preview of a DNA replication mechanism in the Watson and Crick award in 1962. For the record that work was greatly based on crystallographic photography studies by the famously unmentioned biophysicist Rosalind Franklin.

Update: I was wrong. Thankfully, I didn’t bet anything. I still expect epigenetics to command the Prize eventually.


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