zip code trumps genetic code

Robert Wood Johnson President, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, posted these maps which hold implications for business. They show how zip code statistically trumps genetic code as a determinant of health. This is intuitive for global zip code differences. However, these are statistical differences in health profiles within a county or across some subway stops.

Health outcome is the most fundamental determinant place could have.

Place in the U.S. also varies with outcomes in GDP, education, home ownership, income and disposable income per capita, percent living below poverty, and attracted venture capital.

It’s widely assumed that business is attracted to regions with low corporate taxes. In Russia business has enjoyed low taxation over long periods alongside no deluge of investment funding or business gravitation to that region vs. elsewhere like the American west coast. West Virginia and Mississippi with low taxes experience relatively poor innovation, while highly innovative states like California and New Jersey harbor the highest tax rates. In actual business zip code trumps taxes too. The role of place in business innovation and startup culture has been chronicled in the work of Richard Florida on creative classes.


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