founder and CEO profile: Wecyclers

This is one for doing good and well. This quickly growing Nigerian-based startup captures value from waste. Its young CEO who I first met in the US explains the opportunity she saw and the value-creating practicality of its incentive-driven and low-cost operations. Billikiss Adebiyi is one who struck me from the start as more than managerially thoughtful or entrepreneurially talented, but flat out smart and humane, with profound emotional intelligence. She can read scenarios for genuine upsides, and people–even off-beat characters like me–and finish their thoughts better than they would have.

Regularly, start-up CEOs with some success are praised for their smarts or vision or brands, or for “break things” mantras or disrupt coefficients, while being prickly or not too likable is virtual cache. This is a solid and refreshing counterexample: Supreme talent + likability.

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