Teri Abel’s career started in unmanned space exploration on the technical staff of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory while supporting the Deep Space Network (DSN) within the Ground Antennae and Facilities Engineering Section. She conducted mathematical modeling and refinement using holography to support gain increase for increasingly distant spacecraft, conducted statics studies of elevated tilting rooms (ETRs) and supported a JPL interferometric gravity wave project using cut-fill analysis. She moved into industry and heavy duty diesel engine manufacturing with the world’s largest sole producer of diesel engines, Cummins, Inc. where she worked in quality and fuel systems design, with focus on emissions-driven fuel system technology and hardware design. She managed Reliability Engineering’s corporate warranty database and represented Cummins Reliability in product planning on US field work.  Teri found Cummins customer site visits across the U.S. exposing her to direct customer criticism the most fascinating part of her work and on Cummins’ global branding stage her interests in management solidified. Subsequently, she enjoyed responsibility as a Sales and Marketing specialist conducting branding management research in the deregulated utilities business of power generator United Illuminating, helping newly deregulated utilities to financially manage the peculiar liability known as Stranded Costs, and in Corporate Finance as a Senior Financial Analyst with the U.K. situated firm BOC Gases, now part of the Linde Group.

After an illness she parlayed her STEM background and technical publishing as a vector into health care and became a direct report to a former Secretary of Health and Human Services, CDC Director and 16th U.S. Surgeon General in the launch of a healthcare think-tank, the National Center for Primary Care focused on eliminating health disparities.

Her consulting roles have spanned her experience in operations, energy and healthcare.  Her client list includes Garten Rothkopf, Kampac, and the National Center for Primary Care.

She holds key international experience in Northern Italy.

A lifelong music lover and daughter of a man whose jazz collection “belongs in a museum” she uses any excuse to make a jazz or opera reference.  She cites her father’s bespoke mens’ clothing business, her mother’s Palm Beach roots and her Columbia, South Carolina childhood for shaping her eye for detail, natural beauty and craftsmanship–branding–at a young age.

She doesn’t materially blog about entities from her professional life. This blog is in permanent beta.

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