Here are some demographics of people with whom I’ve lived:

              • African American female (2) (Christian, Catholic)
              • Caucasian American male (2) (1 Evangelical)
              • Caucasian American female (2)
              • East Indian male (Hindu)
              • Armenian male
              • African male (Christian)
              • Serbian female
              • African American male (2)
              • Chinese male
              • Chinese female
              • Jordanian female (Muslim)

I’ve lived and worked in disparate parts of the U.S. and abroad. There’s a contrast between the world I’ve experienced and the more culturally homogeneous one of the business blogosphere. I’m particularly surprised when such blogs are American. Diversity isn’t ornamental but a fundamental of meaningful business content. It informs all analytics. So I write on marketing astute rappers who once sold drugs, as readily as on Ivy League professors who sell Honest Tea.

Enterprise is global. It’s a personal fascination. I think the best ideas on it come from broad jagged places vs. tidy narrow ones. Thank you for shaping my story.


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